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Tom Menary

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"Theme from Scout"


"Theme from Sunrise"

The Father's Theme is a recurring musical motif composed by Tom Menary, and introduced in Darkness, intended for use in the Sunrise series. It was later incorporated into the soundtrack to Petriarch.


The Father's Theme was composed in August 2011, during pre-production on the aborted Sunrise series. The theme was intended as a motif for the character of the father, who is mentioned throughout the script, and appears in a supernatural realm. Although the series never reached production, the theme was utilized for the short film Darkness, intended as a prelude to Sunrise.

In Darkness, the theme underscores the narrator's speech concerning his absent father (from 0:55 in the track "Darkness"), and segues into a rendition of the Theme from Sunrise.

The theme was reprised in March 2012 for Petriarch, again associated with the character of a father. The motif appears as variations in the opening track, and is heard most prominently in the latter half of "The Petriarch / Joy", as the protagonist receives visions of his father in happier times. The theme is later played on piano during the track "Pride". It is reincorporated towards the end of the track, but the statement is cut off as the protagonist realizes his father is not responding.

Short statements of the motif appear twice in the 2013 Boomshank Productions film, A Tale of Deception—first intoned by a male choir ("Pray Tell"), and later on plucked guitar ("A Warrior We Knew Well"). In both instances, the central character is speaking of her father, who had been slain during a confrontation with a member of the King's guard.

The motif also appears at the end of the original instrumental track "Gangkhar Puensum (Three Mountain Siblings)".


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