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10th July, 2011


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Scout is the original soundtrack to the Wingless Films short Scout, composed by Tom Menary. The digital album was released to alongside the film in July 2011.


The soundtrack is composed of six score cues used in the film, and additional theme tracks, unused cues and alternate takes. It contains three versions of the primary "Theme from Scout", though all of the tracks contain variations on the main theme itself, which was first heard as part of an otherwise unrelated track, "Stuck", released on Notes So Far I: The Journeyman.

Track One, "From the Skies", plays over the "Wingless Films" title card and follows the crash-landing. The main theme begins at 0:11. "Walking the World" is a complete rendition of the theme, played on a variety of instruments. Track Four, "Transmission", underscores the dialogue between the scout and his Overseer, and contains a brief harpsichord motif for that character. "Adagio for Scout & Finale" is a lament following the scout's deactivation, and plays the main theme as a strings-led adagio. "Credits Sequence" introduces a secondary theme before seguing into a variation of "From the Skies".

The additional material begins with the full "Theme from Scout". Three early versions of "From the Skies" follow, with the "3rd Go" introducing the familiar Scout Theme. Track Eleven in album version of "Adagio for a Scout & Finale", containing an extended section during the final sequence. "Scout in Despair" is an unused cue combining the Scout Theme with the "Despair Theme". The alternate version of "Theme from Scout" includes an intro and a short strings-led rendition of the motif. The piano version is a lengthy improvisation of the theme which also features the secondary theme beginning at 1:06. This is followed by a demo of an alternate theme, created before the primary motif was decided upon, derived from the initial "From the Skies" takes.


  1. "From the Skies (Main Title)" [0:31]
  2. "Walking the World" [1:08]
  3. "Unmasking" [0:47]
  4. "Transmission" [0:46]
  5. "Adagio for a Scout & Finale" [0:49]
  6. "Credits Sequence" [0:49]
  7. "Theme from Scout" [1:46]
  8. "From the Skies (1st Go)" [*] [1:00]
  9. "From the Skies (2nd Go)" [*] [0:25]
  10. "From the Skies (3rd Go)" [*] [0:52]
  11. "Adagio for a Scout & Finale (Full Version)" [*] [0:53]
  12. "Scout in Despair (Unused Cue)" [*] [0:19]
  13. "Theme from Scout (Alternate Version)" [*] [0:33]
  14. "Theme from Scout for Piano" [*] [2:00]
  15. "Alternate Theme Demo" [*] [0:36]

Total play time: 13:24

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