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Tom Menary from The Passage of Time.

The music of Wingless Films is a collection of cues, melodies and themes composed by Tom Menary, and serves as the original soundtrack for several Wingless Films and Wingless Shorts.


Early scores (2010)Edit

Prior to production of The Passage of Time, the group utilized royalty-free music, such as that composed by Kevin McLeod on Notably, Jericho and The Walk make use of pre-existing music.

The Passage of Time marked the composition of the first original score for Wingless Films, introducing one of several versions of the modular "Wingless Sting", as well as a bespoke motif for the film, dubbed "The Time Traveller's Theme". Around this time, music was composed for several unmade projects, including Protection and The Underdog; the former has a near-complete short score available. The "Love Theme", intended for use in Protected, was reused across various projects, including Bounded and as the primary theme in Tom Menary's Her Voice.

Capsule cover

The cover of Capsule (soundtrack).

The score for Bounded introduced three themes; the afore-mentioned "Love Theme", the villainous "Rival's Theme", and the "Despair Theme". The latter has similarly been used in other projects, and was originally based upon the eight-note base of "Owen's Theme" from the Torchwood soundtrack by Ben Foster and Murray Gold. The "Despair Theme" has appeared partly in Capsule, as a variation in "A Lost Idea II - Despair" and throughout "50".

Tom composed the scores for both Captive, Chapter One (unreleased) and Captive, Chapter Two, creating "The Assassin's Theme" which appeared several times in the former and as the main theme of the latter. Music for several Wingless Shorts followed, including "Fires of Childhood", and "Gilt Fossil" for Colourization of a Journey.

Expanding the sound (2011)Edit

Capsule was the most expansive score to date, with many cues composed prior to shooting, in order to establish a mood and tone for the finished film. Of these early tracks, a number were used in the completed soundtrack, including "Feeling Very Still (pts. 1 & 2)" and "There's Nothing I Can Do". The "Theme from Capsule" appears throughout the score in various forms. Capsule also marked the first time original music was sourced from outside Wingless Films; JAW contributed his acoustic cover of "Space Oddity", for the film's climax.

On 14th March, 2011, Tom's profile was established, offering digital albums of several Wingless scores, as well as compilations such as Short Fussing.

The score for Wingless was released on 21st April, 2011. This was influenced by John Williams' work on Superman: The Movie, and contains brief references to the Superman March towards the end of the score. The Wingless Theme would later be used in Cloud Dance (2013).

For the western epic Spirit of the Frontier, Tom turned to the music of Ennio Morricone.

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