"I love you. And I'm gonna miss you very much."
―Sam in his message to Jenny[src]

Jenny was a woman living in London during the events surrounding the destruction of the Weather-All. She was the partner of the astronaut Sam, who was stranded aboard his training capsule after ejecting from the vessel.


"I should be back in London with Mum and Jenny—oh, Jenny..."
―Sam to Pod[src]

Having met Sam at some point before his departure into space, Jenny was left behind in London, though Sam later contacted her via satellite messages. He directed his last message back to Earth to both Jenny and his mother, stating how he wished he could be with them. He described some of his feelings at seeing the Earth from orbit on his first day in space, and later expressed the hope that he might find a space anomoly and a means of crossing into another dimension. He finished his message by declaring his love for Jenny and his family, and stated he would miss them, before signing off.

The black box containing the recording crash-landed on Earth at an unknown point after it was launched from the capsule. It is unknown if it reached Jenny.


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