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This article covers a film, production or other project that was cancelled or currently remains unreleased.

Day in Dystopia

Tom Menary


Jim Elton


Tom Menary

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Tom Menary

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Post-apocalyptic drama

Day in Dystopia was intended to be the twenty-third short production by Wingless Films, scheduled to be filmed in early 2012, though was cancelled in favour of Exile and Intervention. Conceived by Jim Elton and written by Tom Menary, the short film was to have centred on a character surviving in a dystopian wilderness.[1]


The concept for Day in Dystopia was conceived on December 3, 2011 by Jim Elton, following a production meeting and screen test with John Tomkins for Emberlense Productions' They're Coming.[2] The script was written on December 8, and the project was mentioned on the pilot episode of The Film Show, teased with the scene of the protagonist eating an animal carcass.[1] Ultimately, it was never filmed, and production moved on to Exile and following films.


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